How can we guarantee enough energy to meet demand?

To secure a clean energy future for Queenslanders, we know we need to transition to renewable energy with a reliable electricity grid. Effective energy storage will ensure renewable power is always available, no matter what.

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How can we promise future generations a better world?

Cleaner energy is the cornerstone of a brighter future for our children and for generations to come. Pumped hydro energy storage is a critical part of the renewable energy mix and it’s needed to deliver the clean energy future that will benefit us all.

Why pumped hydro.

How can we deliver more natural energy storage?

Pumped hydro captures and stores excess energy when wind and solar are generating during the day, and releases it back to the grid when Queenslanders need it. This proven technology ensures clean power is always available to Queensland homes and businesses on-demand, minute-to-minute.

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How can we provide jobs and support communities?

Building major infrastructure takes a team of thousands. From local communities to businesses, industry experts, recent graduates and apprentices – everyone can play a part.

Jobs and industry.

Have your say on the proposed projects.

We value your insights and are committed to providing opportunities to have your say. Your local knowledge and perspectives will shape our decision-making and improve our project planning.

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